Measuring our success

Strategy 2030 was developed by our University community, a community which is deeply committed to our University mission and values. Our campuses, academic schools and professional services play a key role in the continued success of Glasgow Caledonian University, the University for the Common Good.

We will measure our success through a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which will monitor progress against 2025 and 2030 milestones.

Strategic theme

Key Performance Indicators

2025 ambition

2030 ambition

in social innovation

Demonstrate our commitment to social innovation in support of the SDGs

Annual improvement in Impact Rankings score

Impact Rakings global top decile

T‌ransformative Education

Consistently achieve a sector-leading position for widening access

20% SIMD20 intake

90% SIMD20 retention

20% SIMD20 intake

90% SIMD20 retention

Increase the proportion of our subjects in the UK upper quartile for student satisfaction

50% of subjects in UK upper quartile NSS

70% of subjects in UK upper quartile NSS

Maintain high degree completion rates as measured by HESA

80% degree completion HESA PI

83% degree completion HESA PI

Enhance graduate-level employment as measured by HESA Graduate Outcomes

Achieve Scottish average

Exceed Scottish sector average

Impactful Research

Building on our strengths, improve performance in the Research Excellence Framework

All subjects achieve 50% 3* 4* score

All subjects achieve 60% 3* 4* score

Purposeful partnerships

Be recognised as a leading Civic University, achieving the Engage Watermark Award

Silver Engage Watermark Award

Platinum Engage Watermark Award

Grow the number of UK students joining GCU at taught postgraduate level

1300 new students

1700 new students

Globally connected


Promote international mobility and grow the number of international students studying at GCU in the UK


750 new students

850 new students

University community

Develop and nurture our University Community, enhancing staff and student engagement as measured by our staff survey and the NSS student voice measure respectively

78% NSS Student Voice 

Staff engagement 75%

80% NSS Student Voice

Staff engagement 75% 

Drive our environmental sustainability agenda and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040

Scope 1: - 14%

Scope 2: - 80%

Scope 3: - 52%

Scope 1: - 22%

Scope 2: - 98%

Scope 3: - 63%

Ensure financial sustainability to facilitate investment in support of our 2030 ambitions

3% underlying operating surplus

3% underlying operating surplus

Reporting against the KPIs will incorporate a mapping to the Sustainable Development Goals and, where appropriate, the Scottish Government National Performance Framework.

Implementation of our Strategy and achievement of our KPIs will be supported by a suite of enabling strategies and plans, with internationalisation, digital development and sustainability embedded within each.

Enabling Strategies Strategy for Learning 2030‌ | 2030 Research Strategy

Enabling Plans People | Infrastructure | Finance